Club History

In 1945, a group of friends got together and decided they needed to establish a permanent venue to socialize. With the Second World War over, Australians felt entitled to a little relaxation.

The organization was named Eastwood Enterprises and by 1947 had established a venue in Rowe Street, Eastwood. Membership numbers grew steadily and in 1948 the club moved its premises and rented the lower floor of 6Aa Hillview Rd, Eastwood.
In 1957, the Club employed its first fulltime manager on an annual salary of £1000. In the same year, the club purchased the current premises at 6a Hillview Rd, Eastwood for the sum of £12,000.

In 1961, The Club held the first Children’s Christmas Party, and over 200 children attended. The Eastwood Club still follows this tradition today and the event remains popular for adults and children alike.

In 1985 the club changed its name from Eastwood Enterprises to The Eastwood Club, signalling a new direction for the club.

In the same year, The Eastwood Club admitted its first female members.

In 1993, The Eastwood Club underwent significant renovations and was rebuilt from top to bottom.

In 2006, The Eastwood Club completed additional renovations and expanded the premises to include the adjoining shop front in Hillview Rd. The Eastwood Club has remained basically unchanged since this renovation, however minor refurbishments and upgrades in 2012 and 2013 have ensured our members and guests can socialize in a modern club with state of the art entertainment.

In August 2016  we completed Stage 1 of our current renovation which includes new poker machine areas (both indoor and outdoor), and a new terrace outdoor area. Stage 2 will be finished soon which includes a refurbished indoor bar area and re-location of the TAB area.

Throughout the years, The Eastwood Club has continued to build strong partnerships with local sporting and community organisations. While a lot has changed since its early beginnings, The Eastwood Club remains a great place to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.